Studio located in Greenville, SC

Studio located in Greenville, SC

Jacqueline Shapiro Brooker

I create contemporary altar pieces using found objects and mixed media. While my work first began as an observation and reaction to the religious influence in the South, it has evolved into an acceptance of living in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

These contemporary altarpieces mimic the symbolism of ancient works with recreated objects that may be both old and new. I wish to provoke personal reflection by replacing the central object of worship with signage provided by the local church authority.  The signs are real images I have observed and photographed in my travels. 

The found objects are designed to work as symbolic imagery comparable to the purposeful use of symbols in ancient icons. These objects are the result of a life-long need to collect, store, and display. As my collections grow through rummaging through local flea markets, estate sales, curios shops, and bestowment, I find recycling these objects works in harmony with the desire to process and move away from the past.

 During my time in Greenville, SC, I have learned that these signs are part of our cultural landscape and can be found in any corner of America. These altar boxes reflect not only my interpretation of the message, but also America – home of the ‘kitsch’. 

My work is meant to be humorous, clever, kindhearted, satirical, and "OFF THE GRID" which all reflects me as a person. It is my nature to challenge traditional views, create stimulating conversations about art, and to adapt to new places and faces.